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Ayotide "Tide" Bello, Founder & CEO

I've grown to learn that my passion in life is to help people, and through creating with my hands, I've found that putting smiles on people's faces fulfills my passion for my work and my why.  I started Ayo Arrangements during my freshman year of college out of my dorm room. Simply as a fun, creative way to earn more as a college student, it has blossomed into something bigger than just gift baskets and myself.  

As your favorite luxury gift specialist, I am looking forward to celebrating you & your loved ones' special moments with my own unique touch!


The aha moment happened back in 2015 when I created custom handmade party favors for a family member's first birthday party. It was then that the vision for Ayo Arrangements clicked, and officially, I kicked things off in November 2017.


Growing up, my heart was deeply rooted in my Yoruba culture. "Ayo" in Yoruba means "joy," and I can say that the joy I'm able to bring with the gifts I was given has been nothing short of a blessing. Inspired by the rich traditions of gift-giving in wedding celebrations, Ayo Arrangements was born.


Rooted in creativity and craftsmanship, we strive to craft exquisite and thoughtful gifts that captivate emotions, resonate with individuality, and turn moments into cherished memories.

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